Resourceful Consultant

Fashion Institute of Technology Alumni, Parsons Designs Alumni,  Endorsed nomadic;  I always want to continue evolving my knowledge and imagination in every capacity I can. With these three elements heavily under my belt, I am guaranteed to fulfill needs and wants in this  ever-so-changing world we live in.

Mutli-Facet Fashioneer

Versatile stylist and creative consultant that has worked with brands such as: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, GAP, Bridal Couture, Bardot, The Jay’s Company, Lucy’s Magazine, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade et al, but truly loves connecting with small brands  & private clients.

Accessory + Thrift Guru

Not only am I trying to be your fashion mentor that only keeps you looking chic but also helps you find alternative ways keeping money in your pocket while still looking like a million bucks!

FUN yet Inspiring

Just because you’re unsure about your look or fashion choices, it doesn’t mean you have to be intimidated to come to me for guidance about your chosen look. When I create a look for my clients, I want to make sure that the look is customized to your lifestyle, persona and pockets.

My Journey & Inspiration

Get to know Me

M y transition started years ago, I always valued the importance and the impact of reinventing and effectively building my personal look as a means to influence my whole image and soon realized that this is my true calling. Soon this became a daily aspect of my routine, I would find myself helping strangers in retail stores and thrift shops with their fashion choices. I also created various branding concepts for friends, businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone in between. The real turning point in my career was when my friends and family kept asking me for shopping and styling advice. That was the sign that I needed to make the career change from nursing to being a full time Image Incubator. To start my dream career, I chose to study Fashion Styling & Image Consulting at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and achieved my title as a certified Image Consultant. I haven’t looked back since and I am happier than ever. It’s my passion to enable you to express your unique attributes through the way you dress and style by offering you high quality and affordable services…

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Working With Me

A Modish Breakthrough

Styling + Creative Directing

As a versatile yet detail-oriented stylist, allow me to accentuate your fashionable attributes for your next photoshoot, business/lookbook, wedding, fashion show presentation or just for your own personal everyday style. Check out my other services by clicking HERE

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The Self-Proclaimed Path

Image + brand Consulting

It’s not uncommon for brands and individuals to struggle with their general creative direction or with a specific element of their image & branding strategy. With my help you’ll enhance your brand/image concept and find your creative voice in the most inspirational and confident way.Check out my work by clicking HERE

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Alternative Shopping 101

Accessory + Thrift advising

Need guidance on what accessory would best suit your personality or need to spruce up your closet in a budget-friendly way? I’m offering a group session dedicated to accessory & thrift advising (Minimum of 3 individuals in a class).

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1 1
understanding you

NO ONE... knows YOU better than you. Having that understanding of yourself will help to navigate your style greenprint

2 2
capturing your element

Once you have your personal greenprint, it’s time to start building around it. It is the ‘It’ factor that makes you YOU, and it is something no one can take from you.

3 3
taking possession

Having full control of your look is part of being stylish. It takes 75% of your confidence ownership & 25% of your wardrobe - confidence plays a major factor in you both looking and feeling good.

4 4
the Impression

Looking bad is easy but looking GREAT over & over again can be challenging - if you're not a big fashion enthusiast. But maintaining the last 3 steps will get you in a routine that best fits your lifestyle.

Reviews & Recognition

What Lola said about Mikara

Mikara is simply amazing! She was more like a granted wish because I met her right at my ‘wardrobe breaking point’ and needed some help with coordinating. Mikara was very patient, she met with me and asked me all the right questions. She was open to find out what look I wanted to cultivate, but she also gave some awesome pointers. She dressed me for a ‘Girls Night Out’ event and made me feel like a million bucks. Mikara has unleashed the wardrobe enthusiast in me and now I find myself shopping & dressing like Mikara would have me! Thank you Mikara!!! Springfield, NJ- 5 stars


...she has a beautiful eye..

Mikara was so great to work with, she has a beautiful eye and every step of the process was handled kindly and professionally!

-Cyndi, Tawapa // Los Angeles, CA


...beyond superb when it comes to the execution...

Mikara is beyond superb when it comes to the execution of her talent! Her creative eye, combined with her professionalism ..

-Napier, N2MGT - Mychael Knight // Los Angeles


"..keen eye for color matching really helped me..."

It was a pleasure working with Ms. Reid. Her sense of style and keen eye for color matching really helped me select the perfect suit and for my birthday event.

-TJ SIMMONS, Socialite Heights // DC

George Karboulonis

"..Mikara will deliver 110%..."

It's rare that you come across such a standout talent like Mikara. I had the pleasure of working with Mikara on her new business endeavor...

- George Karboulonis, Swift Branding // London, UK

Mai’Lola A.

"Mikara has unleashed the wardrobe enthusiast in me..."

Mikara is simply amazing! She was more like a granted wish because I met her right at my 'wardrobe breaking point' ..

- Mai'Lola A. // Springfield, NJ

Jan-Alfred Barclay

"the creative process highly valuable."

Mikara is a true joy to work with. Her professionalism and commitment was evident throughout our time working together and I found her input to the creative process highly valuable...

-Jan-Alfred Barclay // Melbourne, Australia

Romona Keneza

"That jacket she had on, i adore!."

Mikara's style is def remarkable, she makes sure she leaves a breathtaking image in your mind! That jacket she had on i adore! I wish her all the best in her new venture in the bridal

-Romona Keneza // NYC

Kamera Addikt

" great sense of taste in wardrobe "

Mikara was in the styling team for our shoot for HUF magazine. Mikara is very professional..

-Kamera Addikt // New York


"I'd definitely work with her again."

Her professionalism made the entire process seamless. My involvement hinged on her ability to provide accurate details..

-Ainkosi McCay, Four Keys Creative // Miami, FL

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