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The Journey & Inspiration
Knowing Mikara

“Mikara always has those striking earrings that no one else can pull off…” is what started it all. While coming into her own confidence as a woman, people would frequently approach Mikara to inquire about her unique sense of style. These on-going inquiries are what caused Mikara to begin contemplating as to whether or not she should pursue a career as a styling and image consultant. As she suddenly took a turn into the fashion, Mikara soon realized that not only is fashion her true calling, more importantly, fashion is an outlet which allows her to tell visual stories inspired by real life situations.

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Reviews & Recognition

What Lola said about Mikara

Mikara is simply amazing! She was more like a granted wish because I met her right at my ‘wardrobe breaking point’ and needed some help with coordinating. Mikara was very patient, she met with me and asked me all the right questions. She was open to find out what look I wanted to cultivate, but she also gave some awesome pointers. She dressed me for a ‘Girls Night Out’ event and made me feel like a million bucks. Mikara has unleashed the wardrobe enthusiast in me and now I find myself shopping & dressing like Mikara would have me! Thank you Mikara!!! Springfield, NJ- 5 stars

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