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What is More Mikara: Style & Image Development

A style source that fuses influential methods with personal style, curated by Mikara Reid. The style & image development firm provides services such as:

– image development
– creative/branding direction
– personal and fashion styling
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”  As a person that cares a lot about my image, I wanted to embody that elementin my personal brand ( more MIKARA ), which not only is geared towards fashion but also personal life influences. My long-term goal as an Image Consultant,Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist and Creative Director, is having an established Image Development firm that aims to assist everyday individuals with personal style and Fashion Styling/Creative agency that bridges independent brands to stardom. ” – Mikara Reid

About Mikara

The name M I K A R A is ingenious with a degree of flair and confidence that only a few can possess and pull off as an inspiration to others.


As a multi-faceted fashioneer, Mikara Reid is an image consultant, wardrobe stylist, creative director, and accessory guru. Her sole purpose is to create a mesmerizing image that challenges the previous looks of her clients. Mikara has worked with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY, Solstice Magazine, EXPRESS, 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, LUCY’S Magazine, and Jan-Alfred Barclay. Mikara continues to seek opportunities that help to both challenge and push her creative nature forward in an effort to continue her strive for global recognition.


“Mikara always has those striking earrings that no one else can pull off…” is what started it all. While coming into her own confidence as a woman, people would frequently approach Mikara to inquire about her unique sense of style. These on-going inquiries are what caused Mikara to begin contemplating as to whether or not she should pursue a career as a styling and image consultant. As she suddenly took a turn into the fashion, Mikara soon realized that not only is

fashion her true calling, more importantly, fashion is an outlet which allows her to tell visual stories inspired by real life situations.


Mikara initially started to build her platform through growing her social media presence. It was here where she was coined “Accessory Guru” & “Thrift Thriller.” This was due to her stylish appearances consisting of tasteful accessories and unseen thrift pieces.


In her first year as a professional stylist, Mikara has accomplished many of her goals. In an effort to expand her brand, Mikara now plans to venture into partnerships. She is also interested in making appearances at events and speaking engagements.


What makes Mikara and her brand memorable? She has a contagious vibe and distinctive wear of accessories. Her passion for art, beauty, and her ever-so-changing presence and mystique make her a rarity that many will soon cherish and appreciate.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY

Style Week NY


Bridal Couture



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