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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 12 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 12 Recap


Accessories That Thrill , my favorite post of them all LITERALLY. I get kind of tired of posting images of myself, but showcasing different accessories whether its men or women – really arouses me and I hope my following finds them useful. If you are just tuning into my addiction LOL #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist – I post on my IG ( @MoreMikara) every Tuesdays and Thursdays an accessory for men and women, recap on Mondays on my blog and I show the most voted accessory on Tuesday. Let’s get this session started..

From the colors – to the positioning of this AD, I love everything, I was SOLD the mili-second I landed my eyes on it. But the bag is what we are looking at (LoL). This vegan leather brand  (yes 100% VEGAN) has a nice variety of spunky handbags that will grab your attention. I couldn’t decide on what bag to pick because there was so many beautiful yet vibrant bags. So I showed the bag I would purchased. The reason why I found this brand is because my client was going the full onboard vegan route, so I did my research on vegan leather bags – with color. A lot of vegan bag collections offer a very limited color option and I knew I needed to research to find what my client needed and we are both happy and excited about this brand, MeDusa Bags.

Retail Price: $110.00

100% Vegan


  • Width: 9.5 inch (24 cm)
  • Height: 6.6 inch (17 cm)
  • Depth: 6.6 inch (17 cm)
  • Shoulder metal strap length 43 inch (110cm) that can be used as a cross body

Check out more of these wonderful bags at MeDusa Bags and be prepared to be amazed by this vegan bag collection

Sleek right? I think it is supper simple and timeless for any male to travel with in style. My male client that I have revamped his whole appearance has been going outside of the norm of accessories and I appreciate that. He needed to travel in style – he tried to search his self, and would send me pictures but they we just meh not satisfying his fashion needs. So, I did what I do best,  found a Men’s Toiletry Travel bag that’s made in the USA.

Retail Price: $88.00


9.5 inches wide x 4 inches tall x 5 inches deep on the exterior.

This cutesy hat has undeniable for the occasion it will be worn for. A new client was brought to my attention since I wore a very distinctive colored hat – my Blush wide brim Fedora hat, she was in awe with it and how I wore it. So she hired me to assist her with finding some hats for her bridal party next month and I thought she came to the right person for that so I am the Accessory Guru. Being that a color theme was not set, it made my search SO much easier to filter through. When I came across Elena Shvab collection, I thought instantly she would love this hate by her demeanor. She did love this hat and ordered for her bridal party event next month- if she did not approve this hate, I would have been shock especially since I was not prepared for a back up hat BUT she did love it and I’m glad.

Retail Price: $112

Being that the woman I helped with her bridal party needed help with her accessory, her husband-to-be saw my website and was impressed on my HUF magazine ad and inquired about some suspender. I’ve never really had to dealt with suspenders so I’m not really familiar with them- but as a stylist you need to make it work and find a way. And I did! He showed me his suspender collection and they were the same monotone browns, cognac colors. So I did some research – a REAL extensive research and I came across, The Jean Lorent, this lovely pair of blue leather suspenders and a matching bowtie. I would wear them separately but overall this is a great look for someone who wears suspenders. He was very excited to get this accessory in his possession; I’m glad I got challenged by a new client with this accessory I am not too familiar with and was able to share it with you.

Retail Price: $158 (suspenders); $184 (both)

Size: 42, 48, 52 inches


Which brand’s accessory is your favorite for week 12?

Thanks for tuning my recap! Follow me on Instagram (@MoreMikara) to see whats next on #AccessoriesThatThrill. SMOOCHES!

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