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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 18 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 18 Recap


I know, I know, I know – I’m late with this weeks’ post. The hurricane that came to Florida was messing up the groove of the photoshoot I was doing for the magazine BUT welcome to #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist week 18 recap; where Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are debuts of accessories that thrill my heart on men and women’s accessories. Let’s get the talkin on accessories.

I haven’t been spoiling myself with sunglasses especially since I live in Miami (there’s only 2 seasons – if only that) and the sun is always present here. I wanted to get something different but not too outlandish. So I decided to try this site called Fancy.com and came across these sunglasses, GAYA by A Rock on a Lens’ . This brand has alot of snazzy glasses that will def turn some heads with very little effort. I would suggest this brand and can’t wait until I get my glasses.

Retail Price: $99

“Mikara, I am tired of shopping at Macy’s for ties. I think I want to spice things up for my wife.” Say no more! This male client is new for me but looking through his tie collection, he is very conservative and simple.. so I knew in my mind that I wanted to stick with neutral colors. Since he is an avid Macy’s and Bloomingdale shopper, I introduced him into Express Men. Its a step up into a fashionable him. I really like Express Men – it always has a sophistication about him and still has a fashion sense to it. Once I showed him a couple of ties, I thought this gray floral tie would be the least he would like but he actually loved it! The collection he has – there were no floral on his ties so thats why I didn’t think he would jump into it, but I’m glad he does. Im excited to see him wearing it and his wife reaction.

Retail Price: $49.90

Fall is here in a lot of places, and you need a chic way of staying warm – here it is! The Heather Campbell Textiles Silver Fox Scarf w/ Spots – I love the fact that it is so vibrant that all you need to do is wear black or navy blue and since have a strong presence where ever you go with this scarf. If I was living in NJ now, I would be looking for a scarf for the many appearance I would doing in NYC. You gotta stay cute while movin around in the NYC!

Retail Price: $149.00

Having boots as a male to me is an essential in my mind. Males are left with very limited options on footwear so having a great black boot would be a great asset to the foot collection. As I enlighten my client on some basics to revamping their look, I started to scout some black boots. I came across Haxby Menswear while I was looking for look for a mood board project. This brand would be a great start up for my client to try out since he is not into color much. Its also great for him because it is a one-stop shop for him to get an outfit. He’s not into fashion so I wanted to keep things very simple for him instead of getting frustrated and going back to his old ways – which is a tshirt and old run down sneakers.  For a start, we went with the Black High Top Boot to sharpen up his simple look. From there, we will continue to build on from there.


Thanks for tuning my recap! Sorry about my tardiness, next week I will be on TIME – I promise. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@MoreMikara) to see whats next on #AccessoriesThatThrill. SMOOCHES!

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