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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 2 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 2 Recap


Hey Y’all !! I hope you had a wonderful week! I def did… this week I have selected four accessories that thrill ME – two women’s accessories and two men’s accessories. If you’re just tuning in this weeks recap, I post images on my Instagram (@MoreMikara),  of brands/designers’ accessories that grabs my attention since I have such a HUGE obsession for accessories. Are you ready for me for the accessories?! Lets get started…

Have a dull outfit, but want to add color in the most sophisticated way? Here’s a fine statement that is hand-wrapped in cotton crochet over mold to give the necklace a nice form around your neck.

I truly respect the artistry of the necklace, craftsmanship and as a new fan. After looking through her collection, I think she has a very becoming future with the line. Take a look at her statement necklace, particularly Agatha Statement Necklace.

Retail Price: $55.00

20″ (51cm) contour

Adjustable neck shape

2″ at the widest part

I love this little character ! It brings character for the gentlemen that would wear this, Burgundy Piped Flower Lapel Pin from Ties.com.  It brings a different fun-ness then your traditional Lapel pin every guy is use to. If my client asked to go for a different Lapel Pin look, I would suggest this one – and they offer 10 different colors.  If you want to know more about this product of brand, check out Ties.com

Retail Price: $10.00

Dimensions: 4.25” x 4.25”

Material: Velvet

Item: #TS239732

I am a huge leopard print girl, so when I saw this work of art, handmade out of wood, I instantly feel in love with the look. I was  about to start browsing through Esty.com and I spotted these shades on the homepage, it distracted me from what I was looking for and I had to learn more about this designers’  product. As I familiarized myself with the products and the story behind the brand, I truly enjoyed the brand even more! I love all 4 shades she has to offer on the site.Each of the shades colors would compliment my skin tone and I think they would look very flattering on me

I look forward to getting these and sharing it on my Instagram with you guys. If you want to know more about the brand Rota Dentata check out their site.


Retail Price $196.67

Total Width: 145mm

Lens Width: 49mm

Lens Height: 48mm

Bridge Width: 17mm

Temple Length: 140mm

These Men’s Shoes Are D-O-P-E ! Its like a settle chic-ness to me, but can be worn by any type of guy; if you are a stylish guy or just a plain Joe – it still will look great with a lot or a little effort. I brought this to my client’s attention when I found this brand and he was totally into the shoe, and the colors.

When I looked more into the brand’s site, the shoes and colors is a wide range for men to pick from. So be alarmed when you check them out.

Check out more of men’s shoes at Peppe Shoes


Retail Price: $114.53

Size Available: US 7 – US 12

Color: brown, gray, black

Upper / Interior / insole: Leather

Which brand’s accessory is your favorite for week 2?

Thanks for checking out my recap post! Follow me on IG @MoreMikara ! Looking forward to seeing you .

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