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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 20 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 20 Recap

Hello week #20 ! How have y’all been? I am very wonderful, and excited that we made it to week 20 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist. For the past 2-3 posts I been posting a lot of high-end items, preparing for a shoot and I thought to myself, my main styling folks are feeling left out. So I decided to get back to the basics of #AccessoriesThatThrill. Let’s get started on the chat..
One of my beloved clients had me be her stylist for her wedding and that was my first to ever do it. It is very different from personal or fashion styling but it has its perks. She called me up dying to ask me a question and I was wondering what could it be, the wedding is over….. She wanted to spice up her look for her honeymoon she was going on with her newly husband. As a single girl like myself, I def can fulfill the needs in that department – you just need to tell me the level of sexiness you would like to go on [ raises eyebrow]. So she was able to show me what she wants to pack in her suitcase and it was like I knew what she needed but couldn’t say it right then and there. As the day went by, I spotted a woman adjusting her laced stocking and that’s when it dawned on me harness ! Harness are not too popular but there still present! So I had a lot of hope to find something for her since she isn’t a complex type of girl. Scouting for a very sleek harness, I found this red leather harness by Absidem. She IMMEDIATELY yelled out “Get it!” I’m glad she is excited for this new accessory and hopes she works her sexiness on her honeymoon. (Congrats and enjoy GIRL – I know you’re lurkin’ LOL)

Retail Price: $356
Fits from 25.2 inches to 29.9 inches around the waist (64 centimeters-76 centimeters). Straps around the thigh fit from 17.3 inches to 22 inches circumference (44 centimeters to 56 centimeters).
Dimensions: H 30.0 Centimeters x W 30.0 Centimeters x L 10.0 Centimeters

Tech-Chic anyone? As I come across many males in all industries, that are interested in keeping there electronic chic-friendly. My male client just received a MacBook Pro and didn’t want to just purchase a case from Walmart, Target or Amazon. He wanted to keep a distinctive cover for his MacBook Pro since he saw a lot of people in his workspace have the same black, or brown case – which can easily be mistaken. Although, he is a very neutral and simple kind of guy and loves to wear anything with tan or brown, I knew I wanted to find him a case with color combos of tan and grey or brown and army green – very mute colors that aren’t outlandish for his image. When I was browsing through Ahalife.com , I came across the brand, Charbonize and their amazing collection for electronic. I selected my three options for him, and he actually loved all of them. Lol, so he told me to pick the one that would look good for him and put it on his card. In my opinion after re-building his closet and look, I thought this selection would be a great investment to his look – present and future. The colors are universal on whatever he wears and wont conflict with anything.

Retail Price: $69.00
Retina MacBook Pro 13-inch or 15-inch. Available in Khaki or Charcoal.

  • Dimensions: H 23.0 Centimeters x W 35.0 Centimeters

Who said money clips can’t be dope?! Hmm – I’m showing you wrong. My business partner brought me a new client, that does not like carrying wallets in his pocket. So I scratched my head, def! What the hell was I was going to do with this one? I listened to him and I felt like this was about to be the first client I had unsatisfied- le sigh. I told him to allow me 48 hours with some options. I didn’t know where the hell to start, male’s accessories are SOO limited vs females. I just did what a normal millennial did and use the wonderful tool called GOOGLE, and clicked on the tab “Shopping” ; I typed in money and just started scrolling down to get some type of inspiration. After um-teen images, there was the idea…. a money clip! BINGO – something that is not too common but its still available. I started to look through brands that carry money clips and selecting random options due to me not having a sense of his closet or look – my suggestions were based off of a skype meeting. I had about 6 money clips in result and he was actually intrigued with the option along with the styles. After some back in forth, finally made his decision with the Magnetic Money Clip in Antique Saddle MD Ostrich Quill by VolstriusI actually like this one myself and glad he pick this one, its magnetic and looks very durable to his needs and wants. Looking forward to the item arriving to my new client.


Retail Price: $70.00

  • Genuine Ostrich Quill Leather
  • Handmade in South Africa
  • Very Strong Magnets
  • Securely Hold up to 15 Notes
  • 1.4″W x 2.6″H x .4″D

This was actually a selection I wanted to be apart of the Lucy’s Magazine shoot, but the timing was not coordinating with the shoot. So I thought adding it to the #AccessoriesThaThrill post for you guys to see would benefit. All my necklace girls, I think you would enjoy this piece. It is a bit pricey but its made of genuine Italian leather and glass beads  . If you check out Fairchild Baldwin collection, the whole line signature is a leather collar closure on each necklace – this will def give you a different image on your look that’s not seen too often.


Retail Price: $395

  • Materials: Leather , Glass beads
  • Dimensions: H 1.0 Inches x W 1.5 Inches x L 18.0 Inches

Thanks for stopping by week #20 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist. I love y’all for still sticking with me and I love sharing accessories I come across. Follow me on IG (@MoreMikara) so you can be the first to know about the new accessories I post. See you next time…

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