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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 4 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 4 Recap


Hey Y’all !! (Happy 4th of July) Can you believe it’s the forth week of #AccessoriesThatThrill  recap on the 4th of July?! I just realized it while creating this post – I love accessories SO much, I had to keep the momentum going by creating a special hashtag #AccessoriesThatThrill. Someday it will evolve into something …..lets get this accessory party started on my selections for week 4:

Sleek yet Vibrant…. I’m in need of a GOOD leather bag, so I started to lurk the internet and found this brand on Etsy.com, I immediately fell in love with all of her Handmade leather bags. But these two bags are MUST HAVES for me, I couldn’t decide on which one to share with you, so f**k it, I premiered both to you! The first one listed is MoonShineLeather Tote Bag with an assistant (the little bag in front of it) and it comes in 8 wonderful colors: purple, red, indigo blue, brown, black, emerald, grey and ginger.  I Love all of the colors!

Retail Price: $140

Dimensions: 46х32х16 cm

Now, if you need a little guy to tag around with you, I would def have this sassy number, MoonShineLeather’s Crossbody bag with a cool leather tassel. This bag also comes in 8 suitable colors: purple, red, indigo blue, brown, black, emerald, grey and ginger.

Retail Price: $80.00

Dimensions: 23х19х8 cm

I did place my order for these beauties. I am super excited on their arrivals…. stay tuned to see what colors I purchase 🙂

Cufflinks – I feel like this accessory is shown any love. And bring a great detail to a man’s look. For me, he pays attention to details – good details when he incorporates Cufflinks and a matching Tie Clip (starts fanning myself), that is def a PLUS in my book. So this week, I included in a matching Vintage Gold Cufflink Set by UrbanCuff.

Retail price: $28.00 (for the set)

I recently got an inquiry from a new male client in Dallas; he just graduated and has a great job. So he reached out to me on changing his look, adding to his wardrobe with a stylish approach. So as I was creating some looks for him, I stumbled across this brand, and I think their eye-wear is striking. So I decided to share with you guys this week! The sunglasses I featured is called Transvaal by LGR. The glasses from this brand are handmade – which is impressive and are inspired by African lifestyle.




  • Retail Price: $264.50
  • 100% Handmade in Italy
  • Metal allow
  • Hand polished cellulose acetate
  • 100% UV protection

She wanted modernized and fine details in a hat, so I gave my client that! I found this beloved hat via Etsy.com under the brand name TUTU Handmade Hats and I don’t think I could find anything else more suitable for her occasion. It def gave her a more different vibe from others but not too far off. We kept her look very sleek and simple (like the woman in the image) so her hat can be the main focus. This hat only comes in candy red but the brand does offer custom orders.

Retail Price: $520


  • 56 cm
  • 57 cm
  • 58 cm
  • 59 cm

Which brand’s accessory is your favorite for week 4?

Thanks for tuning my recap! Follow me on Instagram (@MoreMikara) to see whats next on #AccessoriesThatThrill. Looking forward to seeing you !

-xo  Mikara Reid

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