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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 5 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 5 Recap


Welcome to my wonderful post, #AccessoriesThatThrill weep 5 recap. If you follow me on Instagram @MoreMikara, I post accessories for men and women every Tuesday and Thursday, that thrill me! I am truly infatuated with accessories and I kind of route my clients that way as well especially if they are low-budget. So with that being said, let’s get this accessories talk going…

I recently ventured into a new path in the fashion market, Bridal Styling. I absolutely love it and think this is def my niche on the rise…. anywho, the owner of the Bridal shop is in the midst of revamping the brand and I am apart of the committee, she was observing my style and requested to hire me as her very own personal stylist ( thats why I always think you should dress for the role/position you want – and for me is a full-service image consulting firm). We narrowed down some looks that she is will to try since she it no originally from Dallas. As we were browsing the net, I thought to myself, I have some indie brands’ snapshots in my phone from IG, let me see if she would love any of these. The first brand, she was a little liery about but I instantly recovered by showing her this brand, Monaa – Quick Lady Slipper Gold/Bonduc .Very easy to put on yet chic for this mid-age woman and her busy lifestyle. We have not tried on the looks on our visual board but once the wardrobe is sorted, I’m sure she will be purchasing these beauties.



If you would like to purchase these scandals, you can check out KISUA

Retail Price $95 (free s&h worldwide)

Size availability: US6.5 – US10.5

This color – Smoke by Ugo Mozie Hats, is very appealing to me and I’m glad one of my male client loves it as well. We have been creating more visual boards so we can build on his wardrobe as the fashionably professional male. I came across this brand when I was looking at one of Beyonce’s outfit she had the St Honore hat on and the color is impeccable to me so I look at the other color options, and felt this would be suitable to my client’s needs.


Retail Price: $350.00

Size options: S – XL

LOVE – love – LOOVVEE at first sight! Grove Lane created a very modernized leather necktie with some unique colors – its not too flamboyant but you will def be the headturner. My same male client (he is just getting all the great ones) added this on his visual board of accessories, since he wants to keep his wardrobe simple. This Cognac color looks so rich looking, I think any male can pull this off! If you are interested in this wonderful brand, check out Grove Lane.



Retail Price: $135.00

Size: 57″ x 2.12″

100% Supple Italian Leather

You should know I LOVEEEEE accessories but I truly have a soft spot for earrings! While looking for items for my client, I stumbled across these bad boys for myself (LoL) I just couldn’t help but to browse through the collection of earrings and this really grabbed my attention – I know exactly what to wear with it, whether is already in my closet or me buying another.  These handmade earring are called Shimla Double Dip Marshmallow Hoops by Beads by Aree


Retail Price: $48.00

Post option: stud or hook

Color option: white, mustard or black

Which brand’s accessory is your favorite for week 5?

Thanks for tuning my recap! Follow me on Instagram (@MoreMikara) to see whats next on #AccessoriesThatThrill. Looking forward to seeing you !

-xo  Mikara Reid

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