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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 7 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara // Week 7 Recap


Whew ! Its week 7 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara… and thank y’all for sticking with it! I love me some accessories and sharing things I find along with sharing how I find these accessories. If you didn’t view the accessories on my IG, Tuesdays and Thursday, you can view my blog on Mondays for the recap… And let’s get STARTED

I think this clutch bag has SO much character and the person wearing this needs to have a certain type of demeanor/confidence to rock this bag; I felt like I would wear this bag with those intentions and more. I scouted this lovely piece of work on Etsy.com by AbeRuizDesign.

and loved how he mixed fashion with architecture together – I could tell he had an architect background before I researched the designer since I have a cousin that graduated from Architecture school. I def see myself wearing this bag but I would change the color theme especially to make the cut-off wool felt dimensions POP! I love bringing the best out of a drama piece. Until then, Ill be thinking of what colors would look great for my personal look…

If you are interested in seeing more of AbeRuizDesign, check out more of his work.

Retail Price: $195

Clutch size : 10″ x 5″ x 1″


  • Handmade
  • Satin lining

Brown and Black is now my client’s go-to combo to wear. He feels the blue is over done for males since it is an automatic go-to color since birth for males- and I def agree. So I introduced him to browns that look great for him and combining it with black (he’s a low key kind of guy). Now that he’s gotten the hang of rockin his new looks, we’ve added a new flare to it ( I tell him this is his print , like leopard is my print to wear), the wood look. I found this on Storenvy.com, by The Ernesto Club Masters and he instantly feel in love with it when I sent it over to him. I think these sunglasses can not go wrong with anyone, if it does look off, the wood color needs to change. But overall these glasses will be apart of his staple


Retail Price: $140


“Mikara! I need a great necklace that imitates a choker…” (from my client going out to a bachelorette weekend full of festivities), and this was her final result. The color is everything and I’m pretty sure the fitting would be perfect for her; my client likes the “look” of a choker but does not like the fitting of it on her, so I provided her the option of a choker with an opening. I can’t wait to see how it all pulls together ….



Did you love the Lira Choker by The Colour Riot, visit their website to find more pieces.

Retail Price: $65

“I need something different and innovative….” and yet I satisfied another client. My male client has allowed me to give his look a 180 and he’s loving the feedback he’s been getting. One day he texted me and asked if there was another style of card holders besides the plastic or metal that use usually see. I never really come across another format but I was interested in searching. AND wooh-lahhhh, a wooden cardholder (with custom engraved name if you would like). He actually really loves the whole idea of matching his sunglasses and card holder and feels this would complete his makeup over look. I’m actually considering getting one for business cards – but mine would have to have a different shape since I have a square shape business card.

Check out more of Eriks Wood Creations

Retail Price: $40

Dimensions: 4.5″ x 3″ x .05″

Which brand’s accessory is your favorite for week 7?

Thanks for tuning my recap! Follow me on Instagram (@MoreMikara) to see whats next on #AccessoriesThatThrill. SMOOCHES!

-xo  Mikara Reid

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