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#Accessories That Thrill // Week 23 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill // Week 23 Recap


And here we are .. week 23 for #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist . I can say another exciting thing – I am def almost done with my site. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to show you the new and improved site! Until then, I’ll be using the Weebly template. Are you ready for the accessories selections? Alright, let’s get it started:

Confidence and envious were the two words I was looking for when I was planning a photoshoot; this helped me create a look I wanted the model to portray during the shoot and I’m so glad I picked the right model the execute that! Outside of the model I selected, the clothing and the accessories to me carry through as an element to a woman’s persona; and with that said, this was one of the pieces I wanted to be apart the look but due to the designer’s medical emergency , I had to go forward to another item. She had just release this item, I’m hoping to using the accessory in the near future after her healing and look forward to sharing it with you guys.


Nina Gleyzer
Price: TBD

Pocket squares! These little guys excite me, they can be used in tuxedo jacket or in denim jackets either way, it still gives that guy a sense of chic-ness and a separation from being a boy. I had the pleasure to actually meet Sebastian Cruz since he is located in the Miami area and we had a great conversation on his becoming collection(s). This was one of the pocket squares I had selected for a male editorial I was planning to do, it went with the color theme I had created for the mood board. I was so sadly disappointed since I did not get a chance to use this pocket square : ( . I had some cool folds I planned to do with them but next time. I look forward to working with Sebastian in the very near future.


Retail Price: $115.00
Sebastian Cruz couture’s Raven Demerino with Navy Blue Signature Border

OK, off the high-fashion tip and on to the every day styling tip. My private client has been Christmas shopping early and she wanted me to come with her. She had a particular gift in mind that she thinks her husband would truly appreciate. She wanted to give her husband a new bracket due to him breaking his one and only bracelet he had for over 20 years. She showed me a picture of it and informed me that she wanted to keep a similar style of it but in a more modern way. He’s a simple man, not too flashy but would wear it with almost anything.  So I went through my Rolodex and look through some brands  and John Hardy was a brand I had for men’s and women’s jewelry. I realized that I didn’t even ask what was the budget for the bracelet because the one I thought was a great match to his previous watch was almost $2,000. Lucky me, she had an open budget – so she can make her honey happy; this put an ease to me since I had a selection waiting for her already. She was so happy, she decided to purchase a matching woman’s version of it. I’m glad things worked out for this situation and cant wait to see her husband’s reaction.

Retail Price: $1,995.00
John Hardy Modern Chain Bracelet


Another vibrant piece I fell in love with for a beauty/accessory focused magazine I was planning for. I just love how its so playful and abstract all in one. You do need to have a certain face structure to pull this off and unfortunately the models I had selected, were not suitable for their look. But the other two sunglasses I received from Mercura looked wonderful on all the models. I am super excited to launch one of the looks I unexpected created onset once the magazine is released.

Retail Price: $600



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