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#Accessories That Thrill // Week 33 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill // Week 33 Recap

Hey Y’all ! Welcome to week 33 of Accessories That Thrill Mikara. If your just tuning in, I post new accessories on my Ig @MoreMikara every Tuesday & Thursday and share my story behind it. I must say, the more I share these stories and get accessory inquiries, I’ve been finding some great indie accessory brands that I rather use over the big name brands. Let’s get started on the accessories for week 33


I Still Love You NYC

Never met a tennis player  or anyone that played it for their date but its a day for anything right?So this client decided to contact me on styling her for her date in a tennis match. She had started putting her outfit together but inquired my input on adding a little bit more spunk to it while still impressing him.

So since she wanted to wear loud colors,  I found a fly marble Visor by I Still Love You NYC that will give her a more chic approach. No only will she be ahead in her game, she will be ahead of look game too.

Title of Work by Jonathan Meizler 

Boy did this client mess up – not too bad but bad enough! This client wanted to create a” I’m sorry Baby – do you forgive me ” look that couldn’t look anything less than smooth or sexy. And without any hesitation, he allowed me to create the look without a budget – he REALLY wanted his lady back!

I kept the colors neutral but wanted his necktie to be the “umph” in the outfit I selected this chocolate ombré necktie by Title Of Work , and let him know to put on THAT cologne (the one that doesn’t get used often to left her really know its serious). I hope he learned his lesson along with the approval from his lady.


Time to step yo arm game up, summer is almost here…. my client hired the right personal stylist! I wanted to highlight my client’s personasince she informed me her last experience with another personal stylist locally. She has a very fun personality and does a lot of talking with her hands/arms.

So I wanted to play around with jewelry on her arm before I go to the rings by selecting a Cuff bracelet . She’s going to get back to me in a couple of weeks to see how things work out, looking forward to her response.


Preparing a client for a very important speech and big business venture , so I wanted to give his suit a great detail that made a classic statement.

His suit had a nice mixture of brown and gray/silver pinstripes so the  Oval Cabochon Cuff Links featuring Tiger Iron that was selected, would go perfect with his suit.

Thanks so much for tuning in week 33 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara. If you would like to keep up with the newest accessories, tune into my IG @MoreMikara every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for the new post. Until next time…

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