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#Accessories That Thrill Mikara: Week 36 Recap

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara: Week 36 Recap

Since we are approaching the wonderful season of summer, and in the world of Miami – no one want to wear clothes since its SO HUMID ( not just hot ). I will be taking a pause on the Accessory That Thrill Mikara due to a lot clients going on vacation and less things to be worn. I would love to thank you for sticking through the 36 weeks of my story telling and I hope you love them as much as I loved sharing the story. So let’s get started with the four accessories ..



I just love it when I rub off on someone when it comes to influencing them,  but when we are talking about earrings in particular I’m all ears ! My client has been watching me sport some lavish earrings and decided to give in and try something new. She wanted something out of her character and doesn’t quiet know how to go about finding something that fits her style.

Going 180 degrees from her signature earring selection, which would be studs or button earrings, I went with Lele Sadoughi ‘s  Wind chime hoop earring. This has the button earring element but with an additional dangle feature to it. I made sure to seek an earring that had a button earring element since this was her comfort zone and I wanted to make baby steps (since I can get a bit carried away with outlandish earrings).


I was very flattered when this client wanted me to style him. He was already a well groomed guy, but there’s always room for improvement right? He had taken notes on my obsession and experience with accessories, and thought I would be a knowledgeable stylist on sock brands! Indeed I am..

… in favor of his spunk, I selected Ace and Everette ‘s socks . They will play a very good role in elevating his look and as a fashion enthusiast. We found this brand has a handful of playful socks, he states he will be purchasing a lot of their socks.


Just “ring me up”

I def was confused on my client’s text message but when we had our Skype meeting it made more sense. She got so much attention from her Third Crown rings I selected last month, she wants me to shop for more stylish rings for her. Now does the “ring me up ” message make sense?


When I was reviewing Lele Sadoughi’s earrings for my other client, I also enjoyed her ring collection. I wanted to add another layer of fun classic rings to my client’s collection.


I’m going to have to say, sunglasses has been the most popular item I shopped for, for a men hands down ! But the ones I’ve been finding , are pretty darn spiffy on my clients and I’m happy their happy. From a loyal client that still seeks my services is in need of new fly sunglasses .

He let me know he tried to find some different stylish sunglasses but just doesnt have the eye like I do, so he rather just hire me to be his sunglass shopper. I selected the Amos frames by Established Eyewear with a very subtle color so he can wear this with anything and still have an effortless look.

Stay tuned for the next Accessories that thrill 37. Changing something things around for improvement and growth. I hope you enjoy your summer and be sure to follow me on Instagram @MoreMikara .

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    Outstanding and beautiful website and yes you do have an eye for finding wonderful pieces.

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