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I Don’t Give a F***, you wanna know why….

It all started in 2010, in some random hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, when I sized myself up in the


mirror trying to reach for validation with not only myself but the people around me. I’m not quite sure why I needed validation from someone, but I always felt I wasn’t


Are you a Fashion Follower ?


Juggling work, life, love/interest life, social life and dreams is one thing but keeping up the fashion trends is a whole different ball game. Some individuals, such as myself, have that special gift of revamping a look over and over again to stay in style but others, its not so easy for them. Which is okay, everyone is not meant to be a fashion maven which is the beauty about seeing other people styles. I actually get influenced by people who dress less dramatic or flamboyant than I do whether they know it or not – and I personally thank you


#Accessories That Thrill // Week 33 Recap

Hey Y’all ! Welcome to week 33 of Accessories That Thrill Mikara. If your just tuning in, I post new accessories on my Ig @MoreMikara every Tuesday & Thursday and share my story behind it. I must say, the more I share these stories and get accessory inquiries, I’ve been finding some great indie accessory brands that I rather use over the big name brands. Let’s get started on the accessories for week 33


Sneak Preview Episode

What Is The Mikara Session?! Is it a blog? Is it a fashion industry thing?!
There come a point in my life that I realized I’ve had so many rehearsals with life’s sessions, that it enabled me to practice self-development and confidence. Instead of using the traditional method (blogging), of reaching others, creating my very own podcast titled, The Mikara Session, will channel and evoke events that led to the woman I am today while helping others from mistakes and information. Check out the Sneak Preview Episode and be sure to subscribe – like – share!