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15 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet


If you were able to take a sneak a peak into my closet and then compare it to your own, chances are that you’d find that our tastes are as unique as we are, however, there would of course be a number of crossover items which we have in common.  Clothes…..shoes…. handbags – naturally – but let’s get down to the nitty gritty of things.  Do you have the 15 basic items you can turn to when trends begin to fade? After coming across this topic a lot with my personal clients and reading fashion books by experts, these basic, “go-to”  items always come in handy, even when it comes to celebrities. So, I decided to create a list of the 15 wardrobe essentials that every woman should have in her closet – whether you are a fashion enthusiast (like myself) or just take pride in looking your best, this list should work for every woman.

#Accessories That Thrill // Week 34 Recap

Hey Guys! Are you enjoying the accessories and the stories I have been sharing with you? I am! I’ve been looking back at my previous weeks and I see the evolution along with making some changes as I continue to grow. I def enjoyed connecting my clients with this weeks brands and one of the, I would love to share my interest in working with in the near future! If you’re just tuning in, welcom to #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara week 34 recap. I post new accessories every Tuesday’s and Thursdays on my IG @MoreMikara. Enough of this, let’s start talking about these accessories…