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Accessories That Thrill Mikara – The Garwood

Hey hey hey! And we’re back for another lovely week of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara. This


week we are going to check out a men’s fashion accessory––I’ve been getting more inquiries on male personal styling and thought this brand would be cool to share with you. So, fellas, are you ready for this next brand?! Alright, let’s get to it


Five Platforms That Help Boost and Develop My Business the First Year

As some are learning to know me but witness differently, I’ve only been styling professionally for 1.5 years and operating in business for 1 year.



When thoughts started to invade my mind in 2013 while in Epidemiology class, I couldn’t help but want to take a step into the industry…but how? Where should I start? What should I start with? These questions hindered me from getting into the fashion industry. I had previously started a cosmetic brand, Maquillage Blvd, and it wasn’t as successful as I had expected it to be. I must admit, I needed more direction on my business direction, development, and marketing. I ended up frustrated and all over the place because I didn’t get help from the right professionals, so I just gave it up and called it quits. Over the course of time, my imagination continued to blossom with bigger and festive ideas, and I couldn’t help but to dive into it. One of my elderly patients once told me “creativity comes from untapped thoughts,” and I felt it was time to unwind those thoughts that had built up in my mind when I was living in Las Vegas.



Accessories That Thrill Mikara – Ozerianko Bags

Hey there! How was your week? I hope it was as entertaining and productive as mine. I still can’t get over how we are halfway through the year already

2017 is really flying by and waiting for NO ONE. This week, I will be sharing with you a women’s fashion accessory. Let’s get to the accessory of the week.


I Don’t Give a F***, you wanna know why….

It all started in 2010, in some random hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, when I sized myself up in the


mirror trying to reach for validation with not only myself but the people around me. I’m not quite sure why I needed validation from someone, but I always felt I wasn’t


Accessories that Thrill Mikara: Fabrice Tardieu

Hey there fellas (and ladies) !

Did you think I forgot about you last week? No I didn’t , I am just doing a different format of the blog, focusing on one accessory per week. For this week, we will get into some luxury sneakers I saw while shopping for an editorial for a magazine. Shall we get into it… LET’S!


Accessories that thrill Mikara: Hannah Hoffman

Did you start to think #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara was not coming back?

Nope, we are back! I have too much of an obsession for accessories, I couldn’t bare not talking about it to you guys.  I wanted sit back and re-evaluate my blog and see ways I can improve and evolve the blog experience while business is slow in Miami, FL. For my second year blogging, I wanted to try a new format and post weekly with one accessory instead of 4 on Sundays. I feel this will allow you to enjoy this brand and get more acquainted with the brand I am showcasing.  Now that we are all caught up, let’s get this accessory party started.


15 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet


If you were able to take a sneak a peak into my closet and then compare it to your own, chances are that you’d find that our tastes are as unique as we are, however, there would of course be a number of crossover items which we have in common.  Clothes…..shoes…. handbags – naturally – but let’s get down to the nitty gritty of things.  Do you have the 15 basic items you can turn to when trends begin to fade? After coming across this topic a lot with my personal clients and reading fashion books by experts, these basic, “go-to”  items always come in handy, even when it comes to celebrities. So, I decided to create a list of the 15 wardrobe essentials that every woman should have in her closet – whether you are a fashion enthusiast (like myself) or just take pride in looking your best, this list should work for every woman.

#Accessories That Thrill Mikara: Week 36 Recap

Since we are approaching the wonderful season of summer, and in the world of Miami – no one want to wear clothes since its SO HUMID ( not just hot ). I will be taking a pause on the Accessory That Thrill Mikara due to a lot clients going on vacation and less things to be worn. I would love to thank you for sticking through the 36 weeks of my story telling and I hope you love them as much as I loved sharing the story. So let’s get started with the four accessories ..


Men’s Style Guide: How to Dress for date nights


Fellas, let’s face it – looking stylish is the least of your worries. Better yet, if there were no women on earth, things would be a whole lot different. My male client and I had a very in depth conversation about how guys should look on date night…. not just the first or second one, on all of them. After recapping that conversation, I thought about writing about it… guys really don’t know how to look or maintain  the element of style in their wardrobe unless you are guided. Keeping your work clothes on (the khaki pants) is the easy way out and also not flattering to a women’s eyes. Don’t you want the attention from ladies?! Dressing well is the first step to getting a woman’s attention and (if you have a woman) keeping her  interested in your appearance. There’s but so much a guy can worry about when it comes to wardrobe. If you could master your style to compliment you, more than the efforts you put into it, will give you a lot of cool brownie points.