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Men’s Style Guide: How to Dress for date nights


Fellas, let’s face it – looking stylish is the least of your worries. Better yet, if there were no women on earth, things would be a whole lot different. My male client and I had a very in depth conversation about how guys should look on date night…. not just the first or second one, on all of them. After recapping that conversation, I thought about writing about it… guys really don’t know how to look or maintain  the element of style in their wardrobe unless you are guided. Keeping your work clothes on (the khaki pants) is the easy way out and also not flattering to a women’s eyes. Don’t you want the attention from ladies?! Dressing well is the first step to getting a woman’s attention and (if you have a woman) keeping her  interested in your appearance. There’s but so much a guy can worry about when it comes to wardrobe. If you could master your style to compliment you, more than the efforts you put into it, will give you a lot of cool brownie points.

Are you a Fashion Follower ?


Juggling work, life, love/interest life, social life and dreams is one thing but keeping up the fashion trends is a whole different ball game. Some individuals, such as myself, have that special gift of revamping a look over and over again to stay in style but others, its not so easy for them. Which is okay, everyone is not meant to be a fashion maven which is the beauty about seeing other people styles. I actually get influenced by people who dress less dramatic or flamboyant than I do whether they know it or not – and I personally thank you


#Accessories That Thrill // Week 29 Recap

courtesy via KREWE.com


Hey !! Glad to be back for week 29 of #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara, I had a lot of fun this week sharing the accessories since I’ve been styling a couple and preparing a client for a date. Lets get started on the recap for last weeks selections:


#Accessories That Thrill // Week 27 Recap

courtesy of Sollis Jewellry

I know I have been on and off with my infamous #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara in 2017 due to a lot on things arising for me – I kind of get in my zone to product a great job in everything I do. But off of that, I’m glad I am back with some accessories, lets get the talking about these accessories…

#Accessories That Thrill // Week 26 Recap

Hello there! Did you miss me and the post?! I certainly did.. lately I’ve been working on some new looks, expansions and looking for some new inspiration. My break was needed but I’m back and ready to share with you some new clients with their accessory selections:

I finally arrived…

I finally arrived to the place where I can flourish my super powers: my fashion-forward eye and eclectic creative mind. It took awhile for me to know the lengths of what I have to offer but at least I’m here now and happier than ever.

#Accessories That Thrill // Week 25 Recap


I’m so thankful to have people tuned in to my accesorry story-telling, #AccessoriesThaThrill Mikara #thepersonalstylist every week. I’ve always had an addiction for accessories since I was in high school and it just spiraled out of control once I became an adult with a strong sense for fashion. Now that I have evolved into a professional stylist, I can really feel comfortable in my comfort zone by expressing my love for accessories (aka the spice/seasoning to your wardrobe). This will be the last recap week of 2016 and the last week of December I will be recapping my favorite and your favorite. Here are the final 2 accessories until the new year 2017…